The PetriPrinter is a g-code generator program which handles model files and aligns them into suitable positions to be printed into culture dishes. This program is based on gCodeAPI.NET which encapsulates g-code commands into functions of C# programming languages. Due to the IronPython module you can define your model in Python language.

Model Store

Feel free to use our Model Store where you can find several models for special cell biology experiments. If you have a model which you think may be interesting for the cell biologist community and you intend to share it, send us the model and we will upload it to the Store with your reference.

Open source

The complete , source code, tutorials and documentation are provided free-of-charge to any interested users. The only requirement is to include in your published work (thesis, poster, scientific paper, etc.) a reference to our published work:

Gulyas M, Csiszer M, Mehes E, Czirok A (2018) Software tools for cell culture-related 3D printed structures. PLOS ONE 13(9): e0203203.

Project is supported by:

New National Excellence Program of the Ministry of National Resources (UNKP-17-3-I-ELTE-32)

Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (118119-ANN)